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We’re Online!

Hey people! Guess what? We are, at last, online. Our shop is now officially open!
Boswell Bramley and Co. Etsy Shop!

It’s taken a lot of work, and, no  doubt, an awful lot more hard work is on the horizon, but this a major land mark for us here at Boswell Bramley and Co.
Although stock is limited at the moment, new items will be added at least every couple of days from now on. We’re hoping that by the end of the week, we will have around 20 new designs online. In our range, we will initially have aprons, table napkins, tote bags, wash bags and pencil cases. ‘But how do I know when you unleash new, exciting  Boswell designs into the world?’ I hear you cry! It’s easy, we will be updating on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, just click the hyperlinks and you will be on your way to ‘following’ and ‘liking’ us, (the ‘puter just autocorrected ‘liking’ to ‘licking’, we’d love you to follow us but, really, that’s just too far!).

Working Hard!

As you can see from the photo, our study has turned into a studio and it’s becoming a proper little haven. Sometimes though, with all these things, it can get too much. Yesterday was one of those days.  Good thing we had a night out planned! Thanks to the lovely Rachael of White Horse Arts, we went to a fantastic Oz gig last night. That is the inspiration for our first tune of the week!

Boswell at the gig!

Our first tune of the week has got to be from Holly Taymar. Her devine voice and inspiring songwriting skills kept us all listening intently till late last night, twas magical! She, and Chris Bilton (beautiful accompaniment on the cajon, banjo, guitar…) are regularly found gigging in and around York so check them out!
We love this song, and thusly ’tis our tune of the week!

Went to War by Holly Taymar

Ross and I are still working out what to make our ‘lovely of the week’ which will be something that we’ve seen that we love. There are so many we can’t decide! So, keep tuned for that one!

Thank you again for your support so far, it’s so encouraging. And please, spread the word!

Lots of love,

Tab, Ross, Boswell and Bessie


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