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Well, Ross isn’t feeling so well, so I’m your BB commentator tonight. This is a good thing really, seeing as i’m getting totally obsessed with this blogging malarky! Even if no-one is reading this, I’m really enjoying this process.

I’m coming to the end of my contract at work, at the end of March. I’ve really enjoyed my job for the past few years, but with redundancy pay and a little teeny bit of savings in the bank, I have a chance to live the dream, or at least have a go at it. If it doesn’t work out, at least I can say, we had a go! Having said that, we’re getting some great response to Boswell and although I’m working every evening, lunch and morning I can, I’m really enjoying it. My constant source of major inspiration is ‘quit your day job’, it’s my favourite blog, and my ambition is to be on there one day.

Today, I read a couple of chapters of my current favourite book, The Handmade Marketplace before I even got out of bed! If you haven’t heard of that book, and you want to sell your wares online or at fares, this is the book for you! It is aimed at an American audience, but it’s fantastically useful and inspiring! It’s a bit of a bible for me at the mo.

As soon as lunch came along I had a couple of bites to eat but mainly spent my time ironing fabric ready to cut into napkins and three more aprons.

The task for this evening is to get them all sewn up and start painting them. I’m working all the spare time I’m sent and seeing a lot more of the wee hours these days, but it’s great.

My work load this evening means that’s about it for the blog tonight. As ever, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook , some more subscribers would be great too. When everybody else has gone to sleep and there’s just my living room light on, the iron or the sewing machine whirring away and sometimes even a few late night re-runs of ‘Sex and the City’ on, it can feel a bit lonely. It’s nice to know that all I need to do is have a look at the comments and subscribers on this blog, Etsy or Facebook and I alleviate the loneliness in one fell swoop. Thank you for the support, this is just the beginning.

Tab, Ross and Boswell


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