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Ahoy, finally!

Hello everyone!
How do you do? I thought it was high time I Stuck my head above the parapet to offer my greetings and to have a few musings on this whole business, so come in and make yourself comfortable.

Somewhere back in the mists of time ( I forget when exactly…) I started to draw our friend Boswell. I don’t know where he came from really, he kind of “popped” into my head, then started jumping on bits of paper lying around the house and he’s been around ever since. Over the years, he’s found himself in all kinds of scrapes but he’s always been there whether he’s rattling around my head or appearing on the back of envelopes.

I must, at this point, say that while I refer to him as a “he”, the truth is that he isn’t a he, or a she. Nor does he have a specific age, colour or anything like that, he just exists and goes about his business.

Anyway, he started to find his way onto birthday cards and gift tags for friends and family and the like and always had a very positive response. I would sometimes get requests to draw him doing different things and oftentimes it was suggested that we do something more with him but life, as it does, has a habit of getting in the way of ideas and things carried on as normal.

Then, one day, my supremely creative other half ( your usual scribe) came up with the idea of transposing him and his various exploits onto handmade homewares. This way he could find his way into the lives of other people and hopefully raise a smile or two and bring about some happiness in little corners of life.

Since that idea came about, things have been a bit mad here. All of a sudden there are bits of paper everywhere, prototype goods have worked their way into various bits of the house and I often leave the front door wearing a combination of my usual clothes and a metro or two of spare thread stuck to my hair with a dab of fabric paint. Enquiries and messages of goodwill have come from down the road and as far afield as Minnesota and California.

It’s all very exciting really, that a little idea and a spark of imagination can grow into something more. Even if this all doesn’t work out, it’s a lot of fun and like the rest of life, I’m just going to enjoy the ride.

Well, I’ll leave you to go on your way now, the click clack of the sewing machine tells me that the lady is at work again and we’re hoping to have the shop open in a few days so I better get on!



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