Hello, We are Boswell Bramley and Co.

Our company is Boswell, the star of the show (right up there on the banner) and the ‘Co.’ is Ross and Tabitha. We’re a couple from North Yorkshire that are embarking on a whole new Craft adventure.

Boswell appeared in Ross’ mind direct from his heart years ago and he’s been a part of our lives ever since. It’s only recently that we have decided to ‘out’ Mr Bramley and share him with you all. He’s so lovely it would be cruel not to!

We’re looking for a life craft-tastic and we’re sharing our leap into the unknown with you. We’ve started this blog nice and early (we haven’t opened the online shop at the time of writing this) so that you feel part of what we do (we’re going to be asking a lot of questions!).

We would love to be part of a much bigger, worldwide community of interesting people with great and beautiful minds, and this blog seems to be a pretty good way of doing that.

Ross is the designer and Tab is the maker. Boswell will be appearing all over the place, and you’ll be able to invite him into your life too, with all the things Tab’ll be making. Whilst Ross is in charge of the Techy stuff and drawing fine young Boswell, Tab will be sewing and painting as quickly as her little fingers will take her.

We’re trying not to buy much in, we want to make from scratch as much as possible. That includes the boxes and bags that all our items are packaged in. Tab’s put her origami skills into practice and made some boxes and bags that use as little glue as possible and are always made using recycled paper.

We hope you enjoy our blog, we muchly do. We look forward to meeting you all in Blog-land!

Tabitha, Ross and Boswell.



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