Eco-printers and new space!

Hey all!

So, quite an exciting week this week. We now have all our designs sorted for our first run of greetings cards. We’ve bought the new software, we’re nearly done colouring them and we just have to find the right paper and then we are well and truly off!

We had a trip to the printers the other day, which was very easy seeing as they are local. Not only have they been really lovely, putting up with my endless questions and quote requests but when we went to the printers we also find out they are even more eco-friendly than we thought! The printers are solar powered and they use bio inks, how awesome is that? Very!

It has been a bit of a time of change in the house too. As much as we loved the space we were using, it was just too teeny tiny cramped, so I’m happy to report we have finally cleared out the back room (only took us 4 years!) and we now have a much bigger, lighter area to get our creative juices a flowin’!

Take a look why don’t you…

Old Study!









New Space!









We are also working on the website, which should be with you pretty soon. Working on the website has been a pretty massive learning curve for us, but we’re enjoying it. However, if you have any advice on how to make a website its best or know of any pitfalls, any comments would be hugely welcomed!

Oo, one last thing it was my (Tabitha) birthday a couple of weeks ago. I asked Ross to get me something hand made this year and disappoint he did not! I got a beautiful bracelet from a simply gorgeous shop on Etsy. It wasn’t even an item I had ‘favourited’ (a very addictive process) he picked it himself and I love it. Take a look at her shop a lost feather, it’s just gorgeous! Take a look at her blog too!

It’s a brief one today, but we have plenty of work to be on with! Hope you are all well, creative and happy!

Tab, Ross and Boswell xxx

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One response to “Eco-printers and new space!

  1. aw thank you so much for the shout out Tabitha! I finally just got your etsy convo today.. i was traveling for a bit out west 🙂 i’m so glad you like the bracelet! and thank you to Ross as well for choosing one of my pieces!

    happy (very belated!) birthday!

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