Ducks, Sacrifice and Teacakes

Remember us? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t! I have finally managed to get to the computer to write this well and truly overdue blog. Sorry if we’ve kept you waiting.

You would be forgiven for thinking we have abandoned this whole project just recently, I can promise you though, quite the opposite has been happening. The Etsy site has barely been updated, just the odd Tweet, and a bit of Facebooking, so what could we possibly have been doing? Well…

We have been working on our new range of Greeting Cards, 10 to be precise. So, designing greeting cards, easy right? NO! We both made the mistake of thinking this whole process might be quite straightforward. The truth of the matter is that there is a whole myriad of obstacles to get over, through, under and round before you can get to publication stage, here’s just a brief list of things to consider:

    • Design
    • Palette
    • Pantone or CMYK?
    • Barcodes
    • Card quality (gsm)
    • vegetable or standard ink?
    • Business registration
    • Recylced vs sustainable
    • Biodegradability
    • COST

This is just a small selection of what we have had to think about with these cards. Have you ever thought about the level of shine on the greetings cards you buy? Neither had we! Until now. Now we’re obsessed!

Of course, hopefully from the other blogs we have written, you can tell that making sure our products are as ethical as possible is very important to us. I shan’t deny that it has been a bit of a headache in comparison to just getting it sourced from the quickest and cheapest provider. We could have done that, but we have thought long and hard about the different components that make up a greeting card so that when you buy a Boswell Bramley and Co. Greetings card (which of course, you will) you’ll know that your money funds the production of something that does not take unfair advantage of anyone or anything. Guilt-free sounds good, yes?

We’re trying to make sure we work with local printers too, finding the right quality for the right price is hard, but we think we’ve done it. It’s been a bit like the X-factor for local printers, slowly eliminating different quotes etc. till we got there. We’re now waiting for some printed Boswell samples and we’re hoping to have a whole load printed in the next few weeks!

We’re spending a lot of our time on Boswell, but I have to say that our enthusiasm just seems to be getting stronger. Ross has had to put some extra long hours into designing, finding the right software and making sure Boswell is the best he can be ON TOP of his full time job. He still seems pretty chipper though, even with my nagging! I’m even sacrificing my beloved Mini in return for a new and rather lovely bike too, just so we can make the financial strains a little less…well…strenuous whilst we start up the new business. As my very wise friend, Libby, says, “Those were the Mini days”.

Now that we are the official owners of the name Boswell Bramley and Co. we’re also working on our brand spanking new independent website! It’s in the midst of development right now but our vision is for it to be a place you can find out all about Boswell and his adventures, us, this blog and of course it’ll have a shop! But that’s a whole other blog right there, keep tuned to find out more! I have to say though; even the ‘coming soon’ page gets my heart all a-flutter! It’s so far from ready yet but

So, you could say that we’re a bit like ducks at the moment. Doesn’t look like there’s much going on but underneath it all, we’re working super-hard to move forward!

Oo, before I sign off, one more very exciting piece of news for you. Well, we thought it was exciting. We love to have words of encouragement from anyone who sees our work, but from a fellow designer whose work we have admired for a long time, it was a proper over-the-moon moment! After a very cheeky e-mail to the Gillian Kyle group, we got a fantastically supportive e-mail back that pointed us in a great direction to finding suppliers (the purpose of the original e-mail). They also said though, that “Your products look lovely and quirky, and original which is definitely going to
stand you in good stead.” How good is that??!! We were so chuffed when we read it. Take a look at what they do , no doubt you’ve seen me walking about with their teacake tote bag! Hmmm, teacake.

Anyway, I’ll be off now to carry on working (and probably have a teacake) but just thought we’d let you know that we’re here and working hard as ever.

Tab, Ross
and Boswell xxx


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