Happy Earth Day!

Ok, Ok, I know I’m a little late (for those of you who didn’t know, Earth day was yesterday) and I will come to why I’m wishing you all a happy Earth Day today a bit later, but it is definitely my inspiration for today’s Blog!

Starting a new business, we have been aware from the very start of being as eco-friendly as cost will allow. Through the past few weeks, as I’ve been getting all the stuff together for sending, I’ve come up with a few good ways to save on materials (and costs as it happens!). Here are just a few…

– You know the really posh brochures you get from places like Habitat and Quicksilver that use super thick, matt paper? Well, where the paper is fairly plain I cut it into small, uniform rectangles that I then stamp with our contact details, and voila, recycled (and very pretty) business cards!

– I save every bit of packaging I can. Where possible, I reuse envelopes and if they are past re-using state, I take the bubble wrap out of jiffy bags for packaging in the future (put the paper left for recycling of course!) Also, things in boxes often come in individual clear plastic bags. I save these to use as a waterproof barrier between the packaging and the product. If they’re a bit torn, they can usually be neatened up with a pair of scissors.

– I never buy envelopes. If I don’t have an envelope to re-use I use 100% recycled paper to wrap up the item I’m sending. Not only does this save on product and cost but the pleasure of getting a hand wrapped brown paper parcel in the post is pretty special, I think you’ll agree.

Those are just a few of the earth-saving bits and bobs that we do in the process of making Boswell things. Of course we try to make the products pretty green too. I make the products myself, so there are less air-miles involved and all the cotton is unbleached. Super!

I’ve always been eco-conscious, but it really has become a bit of a way of life for us recently. We shop much more locally now. We are using less petrol getting to where we buy our food, and we’re buying pretty seasonally too, so the majority of our food is locally grown, or at least grown in the UK. I bought some potatoes from a local farm stall recently. It was great to be able to see the actual field that the tatties came from. We did go to one stall in a teeny weeny village the other day that was great but was covered in CCTV cameras…which was a bit weird. We have also joined a buying co-operative. This means we can buy products that are usually maybe a bit more expensive but a lot more ethical at a reasonable price, it’s very exciting.

We’re both walking A LOT at the moment too. We’re lucky enough to live in the country side so we don’t have to travel far to find a good walk (much less far than going to the city for a shop/cinema/meal/drinks anyway!). The walking came along partly because we wanted to discover more of the area, but mainly because we can’t afford to go out anymore. I have to say though, I’m having much more fun now! We really feel like we’re enjoying life, tis mega.

Little things in the spring/summer help too of course (especially with this beautiful weather) like hanging the wet clothes outside, turning the heating off and letting our hair dry naturally in the sun!

We’ve been spending a bit of time developing Boswell too. You may have noticed we have a couple of new friends in the Boswell shop, ‘Bling’ and ‘Vampy’, take a look by just clicking on their pictures.

We’ve had some lovely feedback too, and we’re selling quite a few custom and direct orders, which is great. We would like to start approaching shops that could stock Boswell soon too. It’s been a bit of a trek trying to get all the figures and databases sorted but with the help of some library books and Business Link, who have been absolutely fantastic, I’m getting there. Although I don’t want to get too political on these blogs, I would just like to say that both of those services are going through some serious cuts at the moment. In fact, Business Link won’t even exist as of November. Without them, we would have found this process so much harder. If the government wants to promote small business growth, in my opinion, this is simply not the way to do it.

So, with my mini-rant over (I could go on for much, much longer about that one) I’ll be off. Oh! That’s right I was going to tell you why I’m wishing you a happy Earth Day now. Well, not only did I not get round to writing this yesterday, but also, I think every day should be earth day. It’s not too difficult to make small changes and once you do, it makes a world of difference (ha! Literally!), it can even save you some pennies too! So…Happy Earth Day!

Right, all that writing has given me an appetite; I’m off for some lunch!

Tab, Ross, Boswell and Bessie


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