Wow…what a week!

Well, where do I begin? I ask this question because, you know how everything seems to happen at once? You do? Good! Because that is exactly what’s happened this past week or so!
So, first of all, my contract officially ended last Thursday, I am now without paid work. I left work on Thursday. It was very sad to leave some people that have been great friends but it was also very exciting…and scary. I got in the car, put my music on extra loud and enjoyed my last drive away from work.
Within about half an hour of me leaving work I got home to find out that my mum’s boss had passed away. Jan had been not only a great boss to my mum but also a good friend, so it was quite a shock even though she had been very poorly for a long time.
With both our future’s somewhat unknown I did briefly go into panic, panic, panic ‘It’s all my fault’ mode, but pretty quickly, much quicker than I would’ve a few months ago, with the thought of my great family and, of course, Boswell, I soon calmed down and just thought of it as the beginning of a whole new chapter!
The new chapter will undoubtedly involve a lot of Boswell, and this week is when it all kicks off again. I have spent the past week or so just sorting everything out for the end of my contract, it was a bigger job than I thought it was going to be! I’m nearly done learning how to use boring (but ultra-important) spreadsheets and I have even been doing a bit of custom work….

Hangin with Charlee tote bag

Now though, new designs and new ideas for where Boswell can go on his adventures are starting to appear. It’s very exciting.
One thing has put a bit of a temporary stop on all this though…black grout. We, very excitingly, are doing up our bathroom at the moment. We’ve had all the stuff; toilet, bath, sink, tiles, sat in our spare room for aaaaages, so we thought we’d actually get on and get it sorted. With a huge amount of help and time from our friend Dave, it is well and truly on its way. The problem, however, has been black grout. Firstly, let me tell you, when you have spent hours and hours grouting and washing and washing and washing and polishing and washing and polishing the grout does look amazing with white tiles, and it is worth every bit of effort. However, no matter how much you try and contain it, you will find that everything in your house, everything, will be covered in a fine mist of black powder. So, Boswell and Bessie had to go away in their own boxes for a little while, just until the dust settled…literally!

Icky bathroom 'before' pic!

Bathroom halfway! Oooh the black dust!

This week, with only painting left to do (and a toilet that isn’t covered in flowers and does work WOOOOO!) we can get on again.
Probably the most earth-shattering news of this whole time is that Ross shaved off his beard. I know what you’re thinking, ‘how can this be?’ That’s like Superman without his cape, Batman without his mask or even Hellboy without his right hand of doom (yes, that is a real thing none-geeks), it is the source of all his powers! It was nice to see his chin briefly but now it is bearded once again…that was an odd few days.

Ross sans beard (and chipping off the first tile, wooo!)

Also, rather excitingly we got featured in two new Treasuries this week, check them out here and here.  Not only was Huiyi Tan kind enough to put us in her treasuries but we love her work, so this week’s lovely of the week is….


Just click on the photo to go to her shop.
Also, the tune of the week has to be from Laura Marling this is always on in our house and we love it! Give it a listen…
Right, well I have some making to do!
Love Tab, Ross, Boswell and Bessie.
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