Beautiful things.

Sorry we’ve been a little slow in our blogging this week, not only have we had some technical issues, (you don’t realise how much you need a ‘puter till you don’t have one!) but also, we’ve been busy creating and sending out orders, WOOPAH!
Things are starting small at the moment but we’re just really happy that they’re starting at all. There has been a lot to think about since we went public. It’s not just product, but recording everything, getting the right packaging (balancing eco credentials, expense and professionalism is not as easy as we’d hoped), organising the creative space properly, doing proper hard sums and writing countless ‘to do’ lists. Still though, it’s a challenge that we’re relishing, awesome.
We thought today we’d give you a little insight into our tastes in craft and all things beautiful, in our eyes anyway. To start, we created our first treasury last week. Treasuries are a great way of showing off what you love on Etsy. It’s why Etsy is so clever, you don’t self promote as much as promote each other, it’s all very karmic and works so well.

‘Yo Ho Yo Ho an Etsy life for me!’ by BoswellBramleyandCo

Inspired by the new Pirates of the Caribbean film posters, I thought I’d make a treasury!

pirate ship wooden automata


Mermaid Pocket Knife Necklac…


Kraken Attackin’ (Set of…


Ruby Tentacle Ring HOLIDAY S…


I am the master of my fate n…


hand painted silk skull pill…


Catrina – Turquoise Sugar Sk…


Note From an Outlaw Letterpr…


Old World Sailing Ship Unise…


I’m Swept Away – galleon…


Pirate Kitty Tote Bag


Pirate Harry


Pirate painting, original wa…


Ready to ship pirate soup ca…


Vintage Cage with Parrot on …


SAILOR Necklace sterling sil…

All of the above images are clickable so have a looksy at what you like.
We’re also loving the work by these artists. Just click on the picture to be directed to their shops!

Winston and squeak from hilarycosgrove

A favourite with Ross...

I want to fill my kitchen with this stuff!

Tab loves this shop.

That’s just a taste of what we’re into right now, plenty more where that came from!
Oo, also our tune of the week this week has to be ‘Arizona’ by the Kings of Leon, mainly because Ross is learning it on his guitar right now, it’s sounding lovely!
Because of our recent IT issues, we haven’t managed to get as many items up in the shop by this point as we’d hoped. However, we haven’t had Bessie the sewing machine issues so that means we’ve got plenty of stock coming up, so make sure you keep up to date with new additions on our facebook page.
See all you lovely kids real soon!
Tab, Ross, Boswell and Bessie.


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2 responses to “Beautiful things.

  1. Thanks for shining a spotlight on our little bat girl 🙂
    Welcome to Bloglandia!

  2. Thanks for including our bat! She fits right in.
    -Dylan and Jo

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