On a mission! (and the importance of handmade)

So, in our effort to fill the Boswell Bramley and Co. shaped hole on the Internet, we were setting up our Facebook page and having a look through all the bits that you can fill in as part of your profile page. I came across the ‘mission’ section. Having worked for a charity for three years, I know that this is a bit of a hot topic. A mission, or a mission statement, isn’t just what your doing, but why your doing it. It’s a great tool for telling other people what your about but also for keeping yourself focussed and on track, and I need all the help I can get in that department!

I had a whole day of sewing yesterday which in turn means I had a whole day of thinking yesterday. My thinking seemed to boiled down to the importance of handmade. I love making things, but I also love buying things that are handmade. Nothing beats the feeling of having something that no one else does, and that has had so much time and love go into it. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks this, there’s a reason Etsy is doing so well, they had over a billion views last month alone!

When you buy a Boswell Bramley item from us, you’re not just buying the end product but everything that has gone into it too. If you buy an apron, for example, you know that I’ve gone out and bought the fabric and trims, you know I’ve laid it out on the living room floor to work out the best cut, I’ve ironed each seem until it’s just right for sewing. I’ve sat in front of the sewing machine and wondered ‘who’s going to be wearing this?’ whilst it whirs away. Ross has sat down one evening and thought up the perfect Boswell for that apron, I’ve looked at the design, and together we’ve worked out where it should go. We’ve thought about the right paintbrush and paint to use on the fabric and one of us has spent our time focussing on nothing but that apron, painting it and making it the best it can be. The apron has then been ironed to set the dye and make it as smooth and box fresh as possible. It doesn’t stop there though. We then pick and make the best packaging, with the least amount of environmental impact and the most amount of care. Just for you!

We have a chance to make a living from doing what we love, and we do want to cover our living costs. However, we  also believe that everyone should have the chance to fill their lives with handmade (and Boswell, of course!). That’s why we want charge fairly, not expensively. A lot of people assume that handmade means expensive, and that is just not the case. There is a reason all the big chains try to make handmade looking things, still though, they just can’t beat what we and hundreds of thousands of other crafters do, make truly hand made goods, each made with love (yeah! We got one up on Tesco and Wallmart!).

So, our mission? To  make sure that you have a little Boswell in your life, just like we have for the past few years. Also, though, to be part of a bigger picture that makes handmade totally accessible, and useable in your day-to-day. Hand made isn’t just a luxury.

In other news…

Once we start selling, we’re going to be posting a ‘lovely of the day’ where we showcase what we love and what inspires us. We’ll be doing a ‘track of the day’ too – music and the radio is pretty important to most crafters and artists out

Arty pin shot.


Beautiful Bessie.

Some more peeking!


 As ever, subscribe to this blog, check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, every show of support really helps! Which reminds me, Libby and Rach, your support is invaluable. We passed 100 reads of our blog yesterday, not bad for 4 posts! Next goal, 1000!
Right, well, I’m off to do some painting today, and making my ‘creative space’ a bit more creative, I’ll tell you all about how that goes next time…hmm.

Much love,
Tab, Ross, Boswell and Bessie (the newly christened sewing machine)




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  1. Love the arty pin shot! You guys really know how to go for it, am impressed by your hard work and dedication, hope that doesn’t mean we won’t see you again this year! Thumbs up to Boswell and Bessie xxx

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