Uhhhr, I appear to have R.S.I. I know, pretty rubbish huh? What’s that you say? Don’t know what R.S.I is? It Repetative Sewing Injury. Bad times.
I got a really nasty little pain a few days ago, just on the side of my ankle. It’s one of those that feels like it just really needs to click, you know? I’ve been trying to make it click, I think that’s made it worse, huff. I was trying to work out why it’s hurting so much, then I realised whilst on the sewing machine, that it’s an R.S.I. My poor little foot’s been working that peddle so hard, I’ve gone and got myself an injury! Any suggestions on how to make it better? Would love to hear them!

Anyway, I’ve been trying to work the peddle with my left foot to give my right a rest. I thought that would be easy, seeing as I’m left handed, but no, apparently not! Which, in turn, is a bit worrying seeing as I can drive (supposedly). 

The stock is starting to pile up now and I think I’ve exhausted all natural fabric supplies in North Yorkshire, brilliant.

Ross is coming up with some amazing Boswell designs. Mr Bramley is appearing all over the place at the moment, not only can you keep track on this blog but you can also find him on…
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boswell-Bramley-and-Co/103791439700854 
Twitter: @boswellbramley
Please follow us and ‘like’ us and subscribe to us, or whatever it is you care to do to show a bit of support. We’re going to keep asking, so you’d might as well! When you do we’ll love you FOREVER. Who could ask for more than free love forever? No-one, that’s who. Oh, I just read that back myself, that didn’t come out quite right. Oh well, you get me!

Anyway, speaking of love you forever, I’d like to show a bit of love for the lovely people on Etsy who gave me some great advice on camera shopping last night. They gave me a lot of help, and I knew what to look for and what questions to ask in the shop earlier today, so to them, thank you!

We should get some nice new photos to you in the next day or two, and shop opening time is getting ever closer, we’re thinking (hoping) beginning of March!

I’m trying to convince Ross to write a blog one night (he’s shy) so, you never no, he might be your blog writer next! 

Right, off to do some more sewing, woopah!

Tab, Ross and Boswell



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