Nice to meet you!

Hello, and welcome to Boswell Bramley and Co.

We’ve been reading a lot of ‘how to write a blog’ type jobs for the past few weeks and we seem to get pretty much the same message every time – be yourself. This should be very simple but seeing as I have written this blog in my head many, many times, it could prove to be trickier than I originally thought.

One of the other pointers we’ve got from the ‘how to…’ stuff is to note down when you get inspiration for what to write about when you get home and get back in touch with the lovely blog-reading people (assuming there are any of you out there…?). That’s something we’ll definitely be doing, just in life really, we’re only 24 but our brains seem to be 100 sometimes! However, with this blog, the inspiration is pretty easy and obvious I reckon. We have to introduce ourselves!

So, Boswell Bramley and Co….where to start?

I think I’ll start with Boswell, for he is probably the most important. Boswell is someone that we have been lucky enough to know for the past few years. We’ve got to know all about what he likes, what he doesn’t like and we’ve had a front row seat looking in on all the adventures and often scrapes he has gotten himself into. He has a habit of appearing on the back of receipts, on the front of homemade birthday cards, in the middle  of ‘I’ve left dinner in the oven, see you tonight, love you xxx’ notes and once in the corner of an ‘I’m sorry I broke your very expensive blender trying to make experimental but none the less very tasty soup’ note…hmmm, good times.  

We think that Boswell would probably like to meet a lot more people and we can’t help but feel that we’re being a tad selfish keeping him all to ourselves. It’s a bit like letting your little one go out into the world (I would imagine) you want so much for others to see the soul in this little being that you see and love. We have a feeling you will though.

So, who’s this ‘we’ I keep going on about? Well, I, your blog writer for this evening, am Tabitha. I’m the crafty one of the two of us. I love all things creative and I’m realising that craft is a very important, nay essential part of my life that I can’t really do without. I love to concentrate my mind on making a pretty thing, and I love sharing what I do with others even more. I’m happy to say that craft is my passion.

The other half of the ‘we’ is Ross, my partner in life, and hopefully soon, my partner in business too. He is the designer and technical chap in all this. He is also the most beautiful and odd mind I know. It is in this mind that Boswell appeared. When Ross started drawing Boswell, I was in love, you will be too.

Together, Ross and I make the ‘Co.’ Of ‘Boswell Bramley and Co.’ Ross is the man with the pen, the man who will be showing us all what Mr. Bramley gets up to. I’m the one who is going to make many pretty things that you can wear, that can live in your home and that can, most importantly bring Boswell into your life too.

We’re going to be setting up a shop in the next few weeks, and we’re going to start selling at fairs too. We’re starting this blog now because we want you to join us on what I can’t help but feel is going to be a very exciting time. We have no idea what it’s all going to hold, but it’s going to be fun!

If you follow us on this blog, you’ll get to find out all about the Boswell Bramley and Co. Adventure. As well as all that though, you’ll get to find out all about us, Ross and Tab…if you want to! We’ll tell you all about our band of merry, tiny animals, our odd little village, our somewhat dysfunctional but happy family, Ross’ other woman (it’s OK, it’s his guitar), my happy, if sometimes turbulent history with craft and my baking habit, amongst many other things. As long as we remember to note down what inspires us that is! Have a look at our photos (Boswell’s up there on the banner, what a lovely gent) there’ll be plenty more of those!

Ross works on new Boswell designs!

Too busy and arty to look at the camera!


We can’t make this blog wonderful without you. If you’ve been through the process of starting up business we’d love any tips or encouragement, and if you’re just starting out too, then join us, we can do it!

This could be the beginning of something rather lovely we reckon.

Tab, Ross and, of course, Boswell.


P.S. Actually, once I got going, not that hard to be myself at all, woo!

A + Excellent work! Love it. (It seems Ross has taken to marking my work…ah well, it’s positive!)



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5 responses to “Nice to meet you!

  1. Welcome, Boswell! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures and seeing you in the flesh ( oo er miss us!). Best of luck on your new venture, I’m sure it’s gonna be a winner!
    Rachael xxx

  2. Libby

    Ohhhh this is so super – I can see how I am going to be hanging out waiting for each new installment

  3. Libby

    Can you personalise napkins or aprons – bet folk would be stoked to see Boswell say hi to them!

  4. Yep, we’re happy to personalise! Boswell is always happy to say hello. As we get our online shop organised we will be having a section specifically for just that, people will be able to put in their requests and we will make them! Can’t wait!

  5. Clare

    I really love this. Boswell is a real star!

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